Well hello there….

Just give a update here…

Much have happenend since I really blogged.

We have bought a bit of paradise.

We now live in the paradise. Can se the lake from sitting on the toilet ?? yeah thats right. From the TOILET!?

When we goes outside we dont her anything but the birds and the wind. And Tekla whinung ?????

Me then…

My EDS (ehler danlos syndrom) does the days hard, but Tekla is a very helpful kid so the days goes by ok.


Got a new permobile yesterday. I think it is better for my body. This have a better seat and so on.

My father inlaw is on visit from spain.

Its his and hus whifes house we bought ? they moved to spain the son of a ***””**””*”” ?????

Tekla really loves her grandpa and she shows that.

Bajbaj she sais and point to him. *Love*

We havnt seen him in about 9 month but still its soomuch love there ❤️❤️

Will be sad on monday when he leaves for spain again.

He now lives in our ”new” campingtrailer. He approves I think ??

Well well.

Well be going down to him and hes lovely whife Annica later.


What more?

Well, I have started a etsyshop. Have nothing special there yet but Ill put up some plannerclips and more an other time.

Will uppdate on that.


This is a short update.